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Key Vote Alert - Various Amendments to the Senate Highway Bill

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The Club for Growth is scoring the following amendments to the Senate highway bill (S. 1813):

"NO" on the Menendez/Burr amendment (#1782): This amendment extends current and creates new market-distorting tax incentives for the production, distribution and use of vehicles that run on natural gas. It enlarges an already complicated tax code, and it expands the government's power to pick winners and losers in the private sector.

"YES" on the DeMint amendment (#1589): This amendment eliminates several market-distorting energy subsidies and lowers the corporate tax rate by a commensurate amount of the loophole closures. If signed into law, it will simplify and help flatten the tax code, while reducing the government's ability to cause misallocations of capital by picking winners and losers in the private sector.

"YES" on the DeMint amendment (#1756): This amendment devolves most of the federal highway program back to the states and also greatly reduces the federal gas tax. Over the last several decades, the federal government's role in infrastructure spending has greatly expanded beyond its constitutional limits. Today, it is remarkably inefficient and overly bureaucratic. The proper solution is to return the power back to the states so that spending can be handled more justly and effectively.

This is also a reminder that the Club for Growth is scoring against final passage of the underlying bill.


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