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Key Vote Alert - "YES" on FY14 Continuing Resolution (H.J.Res. 59)

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"YES" on the FY14 Continuing Resolution (H.J.Res. 59)

The Club for Growth urges all House members to vote "YES" on the FY14 Continuing Resolution (H.J.Res. 59) that fully and permanently defunds and delays ObamaCare. Consideration of the bill is scheduled for later this week. The vote on this resolution will be included in the Club's 2013 Congressional Scorecard.

Despite our strong concern that House leaders are punting on the task of cutting spending to December, we believe defunding ObamaCare is the paramount issue for conservatives to support right now. With enrollment starting on October 1 for the state exchanges, Congress must act quickly to bar funds for this disastrous law.

Our Congressional Scorecard for the 113th Congress provides a comprehensive rating of how well or how poorly each member of Congress supports pro-growth, free-market policies and will be distributed to our members and to the public.


From Club Members

When the Republican Party fundraisers call me asking for help to defeat the democrats in 2010, I tell them that I do not trust them as they will give my money to the likes of Arlen Specter, Dede Scozzafava and Olympia Snowe.  I want assurance that my political donations will only go to principled conservative candidates who deserve them.  The Club for Growth PAC has earned my trust by consistently supporting only true conservatives and calling out Republicans when they abandon their conservative principles.
- James Dunn, Santa Clarita, CA

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