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In 2010, the Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats, promising to cut spending and pay down the national debt. When given the opportunity, however, many Republicans routinely voted with the Democrats against spending cuts, stymieing opportunities to limit government.

In the past, the Club for Growth issued a “RePORK Card” to highlight how Members of Congress voted on amendments to cut wasteful earmarks from appropriations bills. In part because of the Club’s efforts, earmarks are now banned in Congress.

However, just because earmarks are gone does not mean that there are no longer opportunities to cut spending. That’s why the Club for Growth is issuing this report tracking amendments to FY 2013 House appropriations bills that reduce spending and use the savings for debt reduction. This report will be updated as the appropriations process continues and the Club for Growth will alert the media and Club members about the results.

This report is part of the Club for Growth’s ongoing efforts to educate the public about the profligate spending taking place in Congress. It is completely separate from the Club’s Congressional Scorecard and is an ongoing scorecard.  Future votes will be added as they are considered on the House floor. This Spending Cut Scorecard only tracks spending cut amendments to appropriations bills, whereas the Congressional Scorecard rates Members of Congress on votes covering various economic issues, like taxes, spending, regulation, and free trade.

From Club Members

I fully endorse this club! If you are a Fiscal Conservative this is the club for you! Join today!
- Keyantwon Stephens, Athens, GA

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