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Club for Growth Warns Republicans With New TV Ad Campaign On The Debt Ceiling

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 Club for Growth calls on Republicans to “Show some spine” and oppose debt ceiling hike without spending cuts and Balanced Budget Amendment
Washington, DC – With Congressional Republicans working on a deal with President Obama, the Club for Growth today announced a national TV ad campaign calling on Republicans in Congress to stand firm for genuine reform. The Club for Growth is part of a national conservative coalition called “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” which is opposed to raising the debt ceiling unless Congress passes immediate spending cuts, statutory spending caps, and a Balanced Budget Amendment.
The Club for Growth’s new TV ad “Spine” starts airing tomorrow nationwide on the Fox News Channel. To view the Club for Growth’s new TV ad, click here or go to
“Everyone knows that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid want nothing more than to raise the debt ceiling so they can continue to feed their gluttonous spending habits, but what will Republicans do?” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Will Republicans show some spine by demanding real spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, or will they go along with the big spending liberals? A Balanced Budget Amendment is the strongest possible reform to keep Congress from continuing the endless cycle of more spending, debt, and taxes – and Republicans should demand no less as part of any deal. Club Members will watch closely to see which Members of Congress fight to reform a broken budget process, and which ones make deals that sell out our fiscal future.”

Script for “Spine” (:30)
America’s debt has never been higher.
14 trillion dollars and rising faster than ever.
President Obama and the Democrats want to raise our debt limit even higher. Spending even more.
But what will Republicans do?
Cave in? Or show some spine?
We already have on party committed to bigger government. We don’t need another.
Tell Republicans in Congress: No debt limit hike without real spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment. 

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