Justin Amash (MI-03)

Justin Amash (MI-03)
Primary Election:  August 5, 2014

General Election:  November 4, 2014 

Endorsed: October 08, 2013

Age: 33

Hometown: Grand Rapids. MI

Professional Background: Attorney  

Political Experience: State Representative, 2009-2010; Congressman, 2011-Present

Pro-Growth Highlights:
  • 100% Lifetime Club for Growth Rating
  • Chairman of the House Liberty Caucus

Race Details:

When it comes to advocating for a pro-economic growth, pro-freedom agenda in Washington, there is perhaps no better ally to have on your side than Justin Amash. Not only is Justin a true champion of economic freedom with a lifetime rating of 100% on the Club’s Congressional Scorecard, but he’s become a leader in the House on pro-growth issues. The House GOP leadership even kicked him off the budget committee for arguing that the GOP budget should balance in ten years, not 35! Despite the punishment, Justin didn’t back down. Now, in large part because of Justin’s principled advocacy, that’s exactly what the GOP budget proposal does. 

A more libertarian Republican and just 33 years old, Amash represents the next generation of fiscally conservative leadership that Republicans so desperately need. The establishment has put up a RINO to challenge Amash in the Republican primary because of his principled, pro-taxpayer stands.  Club members’ support of Amash is truly an investment in a brighter future, not only in the Republican Party, but in the future of our country!

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