Bryan Smith (ID-02)

Bryan Smith (ID-02)
Primary Election:  May 20, 2014

General Election:  November 4, 2014

Endorsed: July 10, 2013


 Idaho Falls, ID

Professional Background:

Political Experience:

Pro-Growth Highlights:
  • Fought property tax increase in Idaho Falls

  • Exposed illegal arrangement between city attorney and Idaho Falls that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars

  • Criticized Supreme Court Justices on ObamaCare ruling  

Race Details:

In the first primary race ever crowdsourced over the internet, the Club for Growth PAC has endorsed free-market champion and taxpayer hero Bryan Smith of Idaho Falls for Congress against one of the biggest Republican In Name Only (RINO) in Congress, 15-year incumbent Mike Simpson. The Club for Growth PAC found out about Smith through, and liked what it saw.

Mike Simpson’s record is atrocious – he voted for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, has been called the “Evangelist for Earmarks” and was one of just three Republicans to vote against cutting funding for the liberal group ACORN. Citizens Against Government Waste has even called Simpson “Hostile” to the taxpayer. If Smith defeats Simpson, a favorite of the Republican leadership and a member of the appropriations committee, it will send a shiver down the spine of the party establishment. This will be an expensive fight, so the Club’s PAC began its bundling efforts early to help Smith achieve a level playing field with Simpson, who will almost certainly be backed by special-interest cash and outside support.
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