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Club for Growth Dumb Laws

The only thing standing between you and a dumb law is a politican.
Do you know of a dumb law in your state? Please send us evidence.

Most Recently Added Dumb Laws

May. 13, 2009 | State: all

A Dumb Regulation in Massachusetts

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From the Boston Herald:

Massachusetts is poised to become the second state to require restaurant chains to post calorie counts alongside each menu item.

The state Public Health Council will vote Wednesday on the proposed regulations, which would affect some 5,800 Massachusetts eateries and have been opposed by restaurant and retail trade groups.

[...]The regulations are part of the stateƒ_Ts larger ƒ_oMass in Motionƒ__ initiative to promote wellness.

HT: Steve Bartin

May. 5, 2009 | State: all

New Dumb Law in Maryland

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From the Washington Examiner's Gregory Kane:

As of 2009 in Maryland, ƒ_oinsurance companies wishing to do businessƒ_Ýmust disclose any policies they or their predecessor firms provided to slave owners until 1865...ƒ__

You read that correctly. The quote comes from The Daily Record of April 14. Gov. Martin Oƒ_TMalley signed this meaningless, do-nothing bill into law on April 12. It was sponsored by Baltimore state Sen. Lisa Gladden. As a result of this latest display of ƒ_oDemocrats Gone Wild,ƒ__ insurance company executives now have to become historians.

More here.

Apr. 27, 2009 | State: all

Dumb Law in New Hampshire

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The Union Leader's Drew Cline points to this dumb regulation in New Hampshire, making it the first blog post about the Granite State in our Dumb Laws blog. Excerpt:

The City of Concord allows businesses to have electronic sign displays, but only if the electronic message displays nothing more than the date, time and temperature. Why this makes sense to anyone is a subject worthy of scientific study. How is a driver less distracted by the lit-up words, ƒ_o10:30, April 24,ƒ__ than by the words ƒ_o$9.99 dinner specialsƒ__? Does the city think drivers will get too distracted by the thought of tasty, inexpensive meals or cheap dry cleaning that theyƒ_Tll cause accidents?

Mar. 27, 2009 | State: California

Those Evil Black Cars

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California might ban black cars. HT: Steve Bartin
Mar. 12, 2009 | State: all

Smile, Damn It!

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The city of Berlin is spending ƒ,ª200,000 (~$256,000) on a public campaign against "grumpiness."
Mar. 11, 2009 | State: all

Happy Pi Day

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Rather than do important work like making the economy stronger, the House is going to consider a resolution today that would mark March 14 as "National Pi Day".

Yes, we're talking about the 3.14.

The sponsors and co-sponsors of the bill are:

Bart Gordon (D-TN-06)
Brian Baird (D-WA-03)
Ralph Hall (R-TX-04)
Daniel Lipinski (D-IL-03)

Feb. 24, 2009 | State: all

Florida Bans the Feeding of Fish

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Okay, it's a little bit more weird than that, but it still qualifies as a dumb law.
Feb. 23, 2009 | State: all

Beware of the Monkeys!

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Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall has introduced a bill that the House will consider soon which will address the "danger of primates as pets."
Feb. 2, 2009 | State: all

I Hate Snakes, But I Hate This Dumb Bill More

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The "Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act" would prevent people from owning certain types of snakes and other reptiles. The proposal has 10 supporters, all Democrats.
Jan. 29, 2009 | State: all

Another Dumb Idea by Mayor Bloomberg

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Instead of being America's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg should call himself America's Daddy. First he launched a war against smoking by banning it in public places and raising the cigarette tax. Then he went after trans fat. Now he wants to go after that evil menace that hides in the shadows of our kitchens...salt.
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