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Topic: Cap and Trade

Club for Growth Statement on McCutcheon Decision

Posted on Apr. 02, 14 | 11:44 AM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
Here's the Club's statement on the McCutcheon decision today:

Washington, DC - The Club for Growth issued the following statement in reaction to the Supreme Court decision McCutcheon v. Federal Elections Commission that invalidated the aggregate limits on campaign contributions: 

“This is a great day for the First Amendment, and a great day for political speech,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “With Citizens United and now McCutcheon, the Supreme Court has continued to restrict the role of the federal government in limiting and regulating speech. We hope further efforts to increase the ability of citizens to participate in our democracy are also successful.”

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Ted Cruz slams fellow Republicans' "trickery"

Posted on Feb. 20, 14 | 01:31 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Who’s Lost Credibility Now?

Posted on Feb. 13, 14 | 02:08 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
In the National Review today, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola takes house GOP leadership to task for abandoning all pretense of principle on the heels of their decision to put a "clean" debt limit increase on the floor:

Let’s review: The Republicans voted for the sequester. Then they spent two years talking about how they didn’t want the sequester. Then, they got rid of it, and replaced it with the Ryan–Murray budget. Then, they got rid of some of the cuts from the Ryan–Murray budget. At the same time, they went from wanting a constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment in exchange for raising the debt limit, to “dollar-for-dollar” cuts, to nothing.  
And their rationale for this essentially boils down to “we have to take the Senate,” never mind the fact that regardless of the caucus counts, the Senate (and the House) will still be populated by a bunch of RINOs who apparently have no real interest in saving America from fiscal ruin.

Read the whole thing by clicking here

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Club for Growth's Andy Roth Discusses The Debt Limit On CNBC

Posted on Dec. 18, 12 | 02:36 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Freshmen Vote Study: "Just How Tea Party Are They?"

Posted on May. 16, 12 | 03:05 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
The Club put out a Freshman Vote Study yesterday, based completely on the scores received by the so-called "Tea Party" class of Republicans elected in 2010  on our Congressional Scorecard. You can find the study here:

After a careful review to see if their records match their rhetoric, we found that for many of the freshmen Republicans, promises of fiscal responsibility have proven to be empty.

Our review of the voting records of freshmen Republicans on economic issues found:
  • In 2011, freshmen Republicans received an average score of 71% on the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard. The average veteran received a 69%. This means the freshmen Republicans voted, on average, about the same as the Republicans who were already in Congress.
  • A majority of freshmen Republicans voted against the conservative Republican Study Committee budget.
  • Only 14 freshmen Republicans signed a pledge promising never to raise the debt ceiling until “Cut, Cap, and Balance” had passed.
  • “Tea Party star” Rep. Allen West received an anemic 64% for voting to raise the debt ceiling and by repeatedly voting against spending cuts.
  • The two freshmen in the Republican Leadership received vastly different scores, with Rep. Tim Scott receiving a 92% and Rep. Kristi Noem receiving a 60%.
  • Charlie Bass ran for the seat he lost in 2006 by declaring that the agenda of the tea party “is exactly the same as mine.” He received a pathetic 48% in 2011.
  • The Ten Highest scoring freshmen Republicans were Reps. Amash (100%), Huelskamp (100%), Labrador (100%), Mulvaney (99%), Walsh (99%), Stutzman (99%), Quayle (98%), Duncan (97%), Gowdy (97%) and Ross (96%).
  • The Ten Lowest scoring freshmen Republicans were Reps. Rivera (47%), Grimm (46%), Stivers (45%), Runyan (45%), Gibson (44%), Hanna (44%), Fitzpatrick (43%), Dold (42%), Meehan (42%) and McKinley (37%).

If you haven't yet, feel free to check out our entire 2011 Congressional Scorecard (and prior scorecards) by clicking here.
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Chris Chocola Appears on Varney and Company To Discuss The GOP Presidential Field

Posted on Jan. 24, 12 | 01:10 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Club for Growth's Andy Roth Discusses Mitt Romney's Tax Rate on CNN

Posted on Jan. 18, 12 | 01:33 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Club for Growth's Chris Chocola Talks To The WSJ About 2012 and Obama

Posted on Sep. 15, 11 | 12:34 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Club President Chris Chocola appears on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown"

Posted on Aug. 17, 11 | 01:11 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
Part 1: Part 2:  
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From ReasonTV: "Raise the Debt Ceiling: The Rap"

Posted on Jul. 26, 11 | 06:01 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Cap and Trade
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Solve the debt-limit problem and promote growth?

Posted on Jul. 21, 11 | 06:22 PM by David Keating | Topic: Cap and Trade
Larry Kudlow makes a good point in his column this week:

So is a deal possible? I still think it is. The high end of the budget cuts from the White House and the House GOP possibly could be coupled with a tax deal on repatriation and even future tax reform. After all, economic-growth measures should be crucial in this sputtering economy.

Reducing the corporate-tax wedge and reducing the budget-spending wedge, to quote my friend Arthur Laffer, would provide a tonic for the economy. In other words, a debt deal can still work and promote growth.

And Louis Woodhill warns in his new  Forbes column about the failure of the UK's take hike in their budget deal, noting that "the tax increases derailed England’s economic recovery."  Excerpt:

Unfortunately for fans of tax hikes, a government can’t pay its bills with tax rates.  This requires tax revenues—real tax revenues.  In addition to the 56% increase in the capital gains tax rate, the U.K.’s “Emergency Budget” also raised their VAT by 14%, from 17.5% to 20%.  So, how successful were all of these the tax increases in increasing real government revenues?

U.K. government revenues in April and May 2011 were £80.7 billion, up 3.1% over the same two-month period in 2010.  Unfortunately, year-over-year CPI inflation was 4.5%. This means that real government revenues actually declined by 1.4%, despite all of the tax increases. 

Lesson:  Growth is key for jobs and for solving the budget deficit.  Growth generates revenue and cuts spending on programs like unemployment insurance and food stamps.  Tax hikes could make the debt problem tougher to solve and leave everyone poorer.
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