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Topic: Conservative Rock Stars

Amash and Huelskamp on Hannity

Posted on Dec. 07, 12 | 09:04 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
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Amash's Statement After Getting Kicked Off the Budget Committee

Posted on Dec. 06, 12 | 08:25 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
For the back story, here's our press release.  From Amash's Facebook page:

Rumor has it that I’ve been removed from the House Committee on the Budget. Remarkably, I still have not received a single call, e-mail, or text from Republican leadership confirming this story. In fact, I wouldn’t even have learned about it if not for the news reports. I look forward to hearing from my party’s leadership about why my principled, conservative voting record offends them. That’s sure to be a lively and entertaining conversation.

In the meantime, I can only speculate as to what specifically would make Republican leadership punish several of its party’s most principled members. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who was kicked off of both Budget and the Committee on Agriculture, voted with me against the 2013 House budget resolution because it does not sufficiently address the federal government’s debt crisis. That was one of only three times during this Congress that I voted against the Chairman’s recommendations in committee. In fact, I voted with the Republican Chairman more than 95% of the time, and I have voted with my party’s leadership more than three-quarters of the time on the House floor.

What message does leadership’s heavy-handedness send? It says that independent thinking won’t be tolerated, not even 5% of the time. It says that voting your conscience won’t be respected. It says that fulfilling your commitment to your constituents to work with both Republicans and Democrats to reduce our debt takes a back seat to the desires of corporate special interests. And, most troubling for our party, it says to the growing number of young believers in liberty that their views are not welcome here.

I’ll miss working with my colleagues on Budget. I don’t relish this situation, but if one thing is clear based on the response from the grassroots, it’s that leadership’s actions will backfire. If they think kicking me off of a committee will lead me to abandon my principles or stifle my bipartisan work toward a balanced budget, I have a message for them: You’re dead wrong.

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Atlas Shrugged, Part II - The Trailer

Posted on Oct. 09, 12 | 08:07 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Here's the second installment of the famous Ayn Rand book about innovators being persecuted by big government.

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Senator Mike Lee: Big Government is like Godzilla

Posted on May. 08, 12 | 01:03 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
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Andrew Breitbart Memorial: "Man Against The Mob"

Posted on Mar. 01, 12 | 03:29 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars

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Andrew Breitbart, RIP

Posted on Mar. 01, 12 | 09:59 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Like everyone else, we were shocked to hear the sad news.  Our deepest sympathies go out to Andrew's family.
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Happy Birthday to Chris Chocola!

Posted on Feb. 24, 12 | 09:22 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Our fearless leader's birthday is today.

Chris, when you blow out the candles, be sure to wish for lower taxes and limited government.
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Rubio at the Reagan Library

Posted on Aug. 30, 11 | 11:51 AM by David Keating | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
If you want to see for yourself why so many people think Sen. Marco Rubio is a star, take 20 minutes and watch his speech at the Reagan Library.

Here are some key excerpts (full transcript here):

Program after program was crafted without any thought as to how they will be funded in future years or the impact it would have on future Americans. They were done with the best of intentions, but because it weakened our people and didn’t take account the simple math of not being able to spend more money than you have, it was destined to fail and brought us to the point at which we are at today.

It is a startling place to be, because the 20th Century was not a time of decline for America, it was the American Century. Americans in the 20th Century built here –- we built here –- the richest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. And yet today we have built for ourselves a government that not even the richest and most prosperous nation in the face of the Earth can fund or afford to pay for. An extraordinary tragic accomplishment, if you can call it that.

And that is where we stand today.


What we have now is not sustainable. The role of government and the role that government plays now in America cannot be sustained the way it is. Now some are worried about how it has to change, we have to change it. The good news is it is going to change. It has to change. That’s not the issue.

The issue is not whether the role that government now plays in America will change. The question is how will it change. Will it change because we make the changes necessary? Or, will it change because our creditors force us to make these changes?


These truisms are important because they lead the public policies that define the proper role of government. On the prosperity side, the number one objective of our economic policy, in fact the singular objective of our economic policy from a government perspective is simple -- it’s growth. It’s not distribution of wealth; it’s not picking winners and losers.

The goal of our public policy should be growth. Growth in our economy, the creation of jobs and of opportunity, of equality of opportunity through our governmental policies.


And on the compassion side of the ledger, which is also important to Americans, and it’s important that we remind ourselves of that. I don’t really like labels in politics, but I will gladly accept the label of conservatism. Conservatism is not about leaving people behind. Conservatism is about empowering people to catch up, to give them the tools at their disposable that make it possible for them to access all the hope, all the promise, all the opportunity that America offers. And our programs to help them should reflect that.


These changes [in retirement programs] will not be easy. Speeches are easy. Actually going out and doing them will be difficult. It’s never easy to go to people and say what you’ve always known we have to change. It isn’t. It will be hard. It will actually really call upon a specific generation of Americans, those of us, like myself, decades away from retirement, to assume certain realities -– that we will continue to pay into and fund for a system that we will never fully access -– that we are prepared to do whatever it takes in our lives and in our generation so that our parents and grandparents can enjoy the fruits of their labor and so that our children and our grandchildren can inherit the fullness of America’s promise.


[My grandfather] knew that he had lost his country. And that the only thing from preventing other people in the world from losing theirs to communism was this country – this nation.
It is easy for us who are born here –- like me –- and so many of you, to take for granted how special and unique this place is. But when you come from somewhere else, when what you always knew and loved, you lost, you don’t have that luxury.

My [Cuban] grandfather didn’t know America was exceptional because he read about it in a book. He knew about it because he lived it and saw it with his eyes. That powerful lesson is the story of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. It’s our legacy as a people. And it’s who we have a chance to be again. And I think that’s important for all of us because being an American is not just a blessing, it’s a responsibility.
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Club for Growth PAC Endorses Josh Mandel in OH-Sen

Posted on Jun. 28, 11 | 04:25 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Just released PAC Endorsement in Ohio...

Washington, DC – Club for Growth PAC today announced that it is endorsing Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for the United States Senate seat currently held by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH):
“The Club for Growth PAC proudly endorses Josh Mandel for the United States Senate,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Josh Mandel represents a bright future for Ohio and will be a pro-growth star if elected. Sherrod Brown has been a disaster for Ohio. Brown voted for the Stimulus, ObamaCare, and for the Wall Street bailout. Sherrod Brown’s anti-growth agenda has killed jobs and hurt Ohio. We believe Club Members will do everything they can to help Josh Mandel win election as Ohio’s next Senator.”

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Jim DeMint: Why Are Taxpayers Paying for Wine Tasting?

Posted on Jun. 16, 11 | 11:06 AM by Ariel Judah | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Senator Jim DeMint writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Long before there was President Obama's stimulus, there was the Economic Development Administration. The EDA was created in 1965 with the same high-minded intent used to usher in the $814 billion stimulus bill in 2009...

... A review of the EDA's grants makes clear that, just like the stimulus, this program too often has used federal dollars to fund pet projects that have little relation to the national interest. In April, the bureau reported that it gave a $2 million grant to build a "culinary amphitheater," wine tasting room, and gift shop at the Port of Benton and the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center in Richland, Wash. The same month, it gave $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands. In January, it spent $1 million on an "innovation conference center" in Arkansas to promote "cultural enrichment."
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Club for Growth PAC Endorses Ted Cruz for The U.S. Senate in Texas

Posted on Jun. 02, 11 | 04:06 PM by Barney Keller | Topic: Conservative Rock Stars
Big News:

“The Club for Growth PAC is excited to endorse Ted Cruz for the United States Senate,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Ted Cruz will fight for economic liberty and will be a stalwart defender of the U.S. Constitution. He will be an ally for other pro-growth Senators and Texans will be proud to have him representing them in Congress. Club Members will do everything they can to see that Ted Cruz is elected as Texas’s next Senator.”

You know what to do...

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