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Quote of the Day

Posted on Oct. 20, 10 | 10:05 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Former President George W. Bush gave a speech last night in Tyler, Texas, and had the following to say.  Read the entire's worth it.

“I believe this country is engaged in an ideological struggle of a kind we have never seen before."
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Did Glenn Beck Forget to Do His Research?

Posted on Oct. 15, 10 | 09:03 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Glenn Beck recently gave the Chamber of Commerce $10,000, but apparently he didn't read this article before doing so.  Excerpt:

"This is an important distinction and a fight is going on now," [Club for Growth Communications Director Mike] Connolly said. "Whether or not our principles should be pro business or pro free market."

"We believe in free markets and competition," he went on. "The folks at the Chamber supported the [economic] stimulus, the bailouts and corporate welfare. We oppose all those things."

J.P. Fielder, a spokesman for the Chamber, didn't deny Connolly's charges, but said that they consider large range of votes when making endorsements. The Chamber has been far more willing to endorse Democrats this year, having backed others, though all their other Democratic endorsements have gone to members who opposed Obama on health care reform. 
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And Now a Word from Bill Clinton

Posted on Oct. 01, 10 | 12:38 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
From our 42nd president:

"Do you know how many political and economic decisions are made in this world by people who don't know what in the living daylights they are talking about?"

My answer?  Countless.

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Interesting News Items

Posted on Oct. 01, 10 | 12:19 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Is John Bolton running for president?  He's calling himself a "Goldwater Conservative."

Olympia Snowe says she is firm on extending ALL of the tax cuts.

Former Senator Phil Gramm writes about the "echoes of the Great Depression."

Here's a sneak peek of Rush Limbaugh's guest appearance on The Family Guy.

Democrat pollster Nate Silver has some fascinating statistics about Senate and House races.

Here's one of the best songs in the "over 10 minutes" category.
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The GOP Pledge

Posted on Sep. 22, 10 | 06:52 PM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
The big political news tomorrow will be the newly unveiled Republican "Pledge to America," an updated Contract with America-style agenda for the 2010 general elections. 

It seems to be structurally more ambitious than the Contract was.  The Contract promised merely votes on its policy proposals, while the Pledge appears to be more interested in actually enacting the general policy goals.

And it's important to remember as the debate about the Pledge picks up that the Contract was not the revolutionary policy document we sometimes remember.  Many of its provisions dealt with good but relatively minor, intuitive reforms.

Much more to say about it tomorrow, but for now:

1. AP story on the Pledge.

2. National Review editorial (mostly positive).

3. Red State's instant analysis (mostly negative). 

*** Update:

4. Red State's analysis, upon further review ("Perhaps the Most Ridiculous Thing to Come Out of Washington Since George McClellan")

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The Myth of the "Wise" GOP Establishment

Posted on Sep. 01, 10 | 11:13 AM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
Joe Miller's win last night over incumbent Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski showed once again this year that the Republican Party's beltway establishment and leadership are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

The age-old GOP contest between movement outsiders and moderate insiders is usually defined as one of purity vs. prgamtism.  Movement conservatives bring needed passion, but the old pros in DC really know how the game is played.

Only they don't, and never really have. 

Washington Republicans were routinely outmanuevered by Bill Clinton throughout the 1990s.  In the 2000s, they thought co-opting the Left's constituent-building strategy via earmarks, Medicare prescription drugs, and federalized education policy would lay the groundwork for a permanent Republican congressional majority.  They eagerly embraced bailouts, but shied away from the Tea Parties. 

They backed unprincipled hacks with the letter "R" next to their name over principled pro-growth, limited government conservatives because of "electability"... only to watch their candidates lose.  They insist conservatives put party over principle, only to find their own favored candidates -- Scozzafava, Specter, Crist -- jump ship when it suits them.

The terms of the debate between naive idealists and wise professionals are simply false.  The people running the official Republican Party haven't been right about the political mood of the country for decades.  Ensconced in safe seats or on leadership staffs or lobbying firms, and pampered by recession-proof six-figure salaries and guaranteed month-long vacations twice a year, establishment Republicans are as disconnected from the American people as establishment Democrats.

Come January, we'll see where things stand.  Will the Washington GOP embrace the men and women who actually ran and won in the current political environment, or will they insist they know best? 

Happily, most of the newcomers will arrive with fresh memories of the establishment's real character and a realistic assessment of its grossly overrated political acumen. 

Best case scenario, incoming Republican freshmen in 2011 take their leaders about as seriously as Republican primary voters have throughout 2010.
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Club for Growth Responds to Trent Lott’s Cynical Snipes at Tea Parties, DeMint

Posted on Jul. 19, 10 | 01:22 PM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
WASHINGTON – Club for Growth President Chris Chocola today responded to remarks by former Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott in yesterday’s Washington Post, which disparaged both the Tea Party movement and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint.

“Corporate lobbyist Trent Lott is apparently afraid Congress’s incoming freshman class will put an end to the earmarks, handouts, and bailouts that make him rich,” Chocola said.  “He should be.  Real economic conservative reform, like that advocated by the Club for Growth and the Tea Parties, will put the K Street favor factory out of business.”

“The way forward for a lasting and deserving Republican majority is to embrace the pro-growth, fiscal conservative principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual responsibility, and reject the self-serving counsel of lobbyists for the big government status quo.”

Chocola also answered Lott’s concern that incoming freshmen might follow the lead of pro-growth, limited government conservatives like Jim DeMint.  “To paraphrase the former Leader himself, if recent Senates had had more Jim DeMints and fewer Trent Lotts making economic policy, ‘we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years’,” Chocola said. 

In Sunday’s Post, Lott said of 2011’s likely incoming Tea Party-friendly freshmen, “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples … As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”  According to, Lott is currently a registered lobbyist for corporations that supported the 2008 Wall Street bailouts, the 2009 stimulus, the cap-and-trade energy tax, and the financial regulatory reform bill.



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Earth to Media: Jim DeMint HAS a Leadership Job

Posted on Jul. 14, 10 | 09:29 AM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
The Hill today has yet another article speculating about the leadership ambitions of Sen. Jim DeMint.  This is becoming a theme in the MSM, and among some conservative journalists too.

The idea is that DeMint's unorthodox, high-risk political tactics -- endorsing anti-establishment conservatives against establishment moderate Republicans favored by his Senate colleagues, bucking leadership on votes and floor tactics -- must have a personal motive.  DeMint must be plotting a presidential run, or a challenge to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

What reporters seem not to notice is that Jim Demint already is in the Senate leadership.  Whatever you say about him or his politics or his tactics, DeMint was way out in front of his colleagues on immigration, earmarks, the bailouts, the stimulus, Obamacare, and the rest of the Obama big government agenda.  He proposed his own tax relief alternative to the stimulus, comprehensive health care reform, and was the Senate sponsor of Paul Ryan's "Roadmap" before anyone had ever heard of it. 

He'd be embarrassed if anyone ever said so to his face, but In terms of conservative policy, Jim DeMint is already the most the influential and important member of the United States Senate.

The job of the Senate Republican leadership is to define, defend, and drive an agenda of reform according to the party's core principles.  Jim DeMint is already de facto in charge of that.  And when Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and others join him next year, the distinction will be even less significant.

So, reporters wondering what Jim DeMint wants to run for next, take note.  He doesn't need the title; he's already got the job.
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Bob Inglis Says a Really Stupid Thing

Posted on Jul. 09, 10 | 02:08 PM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
So lame-duck, primary-trounced Republican Congressman Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) lashed out -- just like Bob Bennett, Arlen Specter, and every other defeated Republican incumbent in recent memory -- at the voters who fired him.

Inglis has a whole litany of grievances against conservatives and Republicans, but saves the best for last:

According to the AP story, Inglis "thinks racism is a part of the vitriol directed at President Barack Obama."

"I love the South. I'm a Southerner. But I can feel it," he said.


I don't think Inglis understands how stupid that makes him sound.  Saying, "I can feel it," is the same as admitting he hasn't actually seen or heard it.  The innate racism of the people of South Carolina is divined by a gut feeling he has, you see, based on his intuitive grasp of the hearts and minds of the people he represents.

But wait, those people just guano-canned him in an unprecedented drubbing: an incumbent losing a runoff election against an unknown primary challenger by 40 points!  On the same night other South Carolina voters nominated Tim Scott, poised to become the first African-American Republican elected to Congress from the South since Reconstruction?

In that case, one wonders which is more likely true: Bob Inglis's unsubstantiated "feeling" that Southern conservatives are racist, or that an incumbent congressmen who just lost re-nomination by 40 points doesn't know diddly-squat about the people he represents?

Congressman Inglis, don't go away angry.  Just go away,
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Facebook "Like" Buttons Now on PAC Candidate Pages

Posted on Jun. 28, 10 | 09:50 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Facebook "like" links are now on the PAC candidates page.  Please share them with your friends!


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Club's Power Ranking Has Record Day

Posted on Jun. 18, 10 | 09:12 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
The Club's Power Ranking set a record yesterday - there were 2,145 votes cast.  It's the first time past the 2,000-vote mark.

Looking at the current standings, it's appropriate that DeMint is considered the undisputed rock star in the Senate, but I don't understand why Jeff Flake isn't #1 in the House.  If you look at his voting record, he is without a doubt, far and above any other congressman.

It's good to see Specter in the basement on the Senate ranking.  He has zero up votes.  No other member of Congress currently matches that.  I hope it continues.

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