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News for January 07, 2013

The Old Bulls Are Dwindling

Posted at 10:38 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: *Conservative Rock Stars
It works both ways, but this POLITICO article makes it sound like this is a bad thing.

"The Senate's old bulls are rapidly fading as a band of more junior members in both parties seek to upend the seniority system that has ruled the chamber for generations. Gone are the likes of Bob Byrd, Daniel Inouye, Ted Stevens or Ted Kennedy. Growing are the number of younger senators with either little experience in national politics or who were House members from a hyper-partisan institution in which the majority can run roughshod over the minority. It's an image that doesn't square with the popular stereotype of septuagenarian senators presiding over an aging institution. Instead, most of the senators in the 113th Congress have barely served one term, and those lawmakers are pushing their respective leaders to engage in more direct confrontations not only with the other party but also on long-standing Senate customs. Appropriators have been weakened. Earmarks are gone. And the political discourse is growing more rancorous."

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