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News for January 17, 2013

Rep. Thomas Massie's View on Paul Krugman

Posted at 08:35 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: *Conservative Rock Stars
POLITICO has an article out today about freshman Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky's 4th congressional district.  Massie was elected with Club member support last year and has had - as far as I can tell - a perfect record on our issues.

In the article, Massie told POLITICO that he once took a macroeconomics course from liberal economist Paul Krugman.

“It was a very frustrating class. Although he used equations to describe his solutions, he never really solved his equations. We were asked to believe certain fundamental principles that couldn’t be proven,” he said. “It was more of a religion class than a science class.”

Sounds about right.  You can learn more about Massie here.

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