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Candidate Selection Process:

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Candidate Selection Process:

How does the Club for Growth PAC select candidates to endorse?

The Club for Growth has a rigorous candidate vetting process.  We thoroughly examine a candidate’s record on economic growth issues and conduct in-depth interviews with candidates.  We research news coverage of the candidate, votes they have cast if they have been a local or state office holder, and examine his/her background for possible flaws that could affect their candidacy.  Further, we often conduct our own polling to determine the candidate’s viability.  The Club’s PAC then examines how each race and candidate compare to other races around the nation.  This process can take weeks or even months to complete.

Does the Club for Growth PAC look at social issues when considering a candidate endorsement?

No, our focus is only on economic issues.  A candidate’s stance on social issues does not impact the Club’s PAC’s decision in whether or not to make an endorsement.

How can a candidate contact the Club for Growth for an interview?

Please call (202) 955-5500 and ask for Stacy French or e-mail her at  Due to the large number of candidates who contact us about being considered for a PAC endorsement, we must prioritize and limit interviews to races in which we believe an endorsement by the Club for Growth PAC would be considered.  So, while we encourage candidates to contact us, we may decline an interview until we see fundraising and other evidence of a candidate’s viability and in races where we believe it is unlikely the Club’s PAC would become involved.

Does the Club for Growth’s PAC make local or state-level legislative candidate endorsements?

No, it only endorses federal candidates. 

Our Philosophy:

How does the Club feel about the Fair Tax versus the Flat Tax?

While both the Fair Tax (a national sales tax) and the Flat Tax have advantages and disadvantages, we consider both of them to be vast improvements over the current tax code.  The Club supports both of them.

What does the Club think about so-called “Fair Trade”?

"Fair Trade" is a buzz phrase sometimes used in defense of taxes on imports or restrictions on imports.  When the government erects trade barriers/enacts subsidies/passes regulations in the name of protecting labor or the environment, it is picking winners and losers, which is decidedly unfair.  Only when the government is removed from the voluntary exchange of goods and services is trade truly fair.

Are all tax cuts the same?

No.  Tax cuts related to capital and income pack the biggest punch to increase economic growth.  Other tax cuts, like those on cigarettes, alcohol, or cars, have very little pro-growth effects.  In other words, a $1 billion tax rate increase on income coupled with a $1 billion tax cut on cigarettes would be seen as "revenue neutral" by the government.  But in its effect on the economy, we view it as anti-growth because the tax hike on income would have a much more negative effect on the economy than the tax cut might help it.

How can I learn more about the economic principles that the Club supports?

Click here.

Being a Club Member:

If 100% of my candidate donations go directly to the candidates, how does the Club make money?

The Club's advocacy work for economic freedom is financed by donations to the Club for Growth itself.  Club members can give unlimited donations to the Club for Growth.  Club members may also give limited amounts to the Club for Growth PAC and to the Club
for Growth PAC-endorsed candidates (see the question about contribution limits below).

What if I want to send a donation to a candidate the Club for Growth’s PAC hasn’t endorsed?

All Club member contributions to candidates are voluntary.  As a service to our members we welcome any donation you wish to make to any candidate, regardless of the Club PAC's endorsement.  This allows Club members to have the convenience of sending all their candidate donations to one address.  It's simple to do and it's easier on record-keeping.  However, we urge Club members to understand the risks of giving to candidates who have not been endorsed by the Club's PAC.  Many candidates who send out solicitations either don't need the money because they'll be easily elected or re-elected or their chances are so slim that donations will be a waste of your resources.  If a Club member is considering a donation to a non-Club-PAC endorsed candidate, we urge them to call the Club for Growth to get our opinion of the candidate and the race.

Why does my credit card not get charged instantly for candidate contributions (unlike Club donations)?

For a variety of reasons, the Club's PAC doesn't process credit card contributions for candidates.  Instead, we forward the donations directly to the candidate who then processes them.  Therefore, it may take a few days to see it on your credit card statement.

Why can't I use PayPal when I donate to candidates?  

Because candidate campaigns process your transaction (see above), we can't use PayPal, which processes your donation immediately.  However, PayPal is available for member donations to the Club and to the Club's PAC.

What are my contribution limits?

As an individual, you can give $2,500 per candidate per election, and Club members may donate up to $5,000 per calendar year to the Club's PAC.  Election cycle limits and other details can be found on the FEC's website.  Donations to the Club for Growth are unlimited but such donations may not be earmarked for election activities. 

Will my contributions be publicly disclosed?

It depends on the amount donated and the recipient.  The FEC requires that all candidates and PACs itemize donations at $200 or above.  Donations to the Club for Growth are not publicly disclosed.

Why do I have to log in to donate?  It's extremely annoying.

Federal election laws require that you must be a member of the Club before we can allow you to support the work of the Club's PAC or make a contribution to the candidates the Club's PAC has endorsed.  We're sorry we have to make you go through the hassle of logging in and remembering a password, but our lawyers advise that we must do this to comply with these laws (blame it on McCain-Feingold).

I have a lot of friends that should be members of the Club—how can I get information to them about the Club?

The easiest way to do that is online.  As a Club member logged into the website, please click on "Invite Friends to Join" in the right margin.  If you'd rather do it over the phone, please contact the Club at (800) 784-2741 and ask for Stacy French.

How can I get more of those delightful green stickers?  I go through them so quickly.

Please contact us here and write "Request Green Stickers" in the body of the email along with your name and mailing address.

What is the difference between contributing to the Club’s PAC and to the candidates and to the Club itself?  How is that money used?

Donations to the Club for Growth are used to support our
work to promote public policies that encourage a high growth economy primarily through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, training and educational activity.  Donations to the Club for Growth PAC are used for political purposes such as running TV ads as independent expenditures urging voters to elect or defeat a candidate for Congress.  Donations to the candidates are obviously for candidates' campaigns and are forwarded directly to the campaign along with contributions from other Club members.

Are my contributions to the Club for Growth tax-deductible?

No.  The Club advocates for pro-growth laws and is a 501(c)(4) organization under IRS laws.  As such, donations are not tax-deductible.

There are no limits to how much you can contribute to Club for Growth. Individual and corporate checks are premitted.

While we accept corporate contributions, we cannot accept contributions from the general treasury of a labor oganization, a national bank, a federal government contractor, or a foreign entity. Contributions cannot be accepted from a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status in the United States. Only United States citizens or green card holders who live in the United States may contribute. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose.

How can I include the Club for Growth in my will or trust?

We know it's a sensitive topic, but a number of Club members have asked about naming the Club as a beneficiary in their wills or trusts.  We're most appreciative of the gifts these members intend to leave at the time of their death which will help us carry on and even expand our mission to promote economic freedom.  For more information, please contact Erika Sather at (800) 784-2741.

From Club Members

I found this because of an enorsement by my favorite author. Thankyou Andrew Breitbart, and you are so excused for saving US.
- Cynthia Klahn, Issaquah, WA

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